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Gave me confidence in my ability that I didn’t have two weeks ago!

Initially, when I bought the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course (SVO), I had no idea how to compose orchestral music. The SVO course helped me set the fundamentals. With this new experience, I took the MTCM course. 

So far I’ve learned a really clear understanding of each style, and what and how to write in each one of the styles. This gave me confidence in my ability that I didn’t have two weeks ago.

I actually wrote two action tracks in real-time during a lesson with my keyboard and I’m not a piano player!

Miguel Vallejo 

There is no question that learning orchestration in a live environment with Marc as a guide has made all the difference!  

Prior to taking this course, I understood the basic ideas of orchestration but was never really able (or disciplined) to apply it. The purpose of this course is to make you compose and orchestrate, not just understand how to do it. 

 It was definitely challenging and pushed me out of my comfort zone. There were many moments of frustration and my technical abilities were a constant hurdle, but I advanced in a way I wouldn’t have had I not taken this course.  

I liken it to having a coach that pushes you to do something you never thought you could. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but the end result made it worthwhile!"

Theresa Rubino



Weekly live lessons (with recordings and do-overs available for one year) - VALUE $2559
Learn 21 styles over a span of 3 months. Live classes with Marc. If you can't attend the live class, you can watch the recorded replay whenever you want.

1 Year Live Composition Coaching - 1-on-1 private classes twice a month - VALUE $775
Private time with your teacher (Marc) twice a month (1-year duration). Get feedback on your music, pick his brain about something, or share your struggles to get help.

Secrets of Successful Scores - VALUE $299
Once you learn all the styles, at some point you’ll have to face starting your own composition from scratch.We also analyze scores (film and classical composers) so you get ideas and you can model what work. After this, you’ll have a box of tools and resources that you can use.

Monthly Q&A Calls - VALUE $480
Monthly group Q&A live sessions. Get your questions about composition, technical tools and technique answered in 90-minute monthly, live Q&A calls (Zoom live group video sessions).

Infinite assignment/track revisions - VALUE $439
Upload your music and get feedback. The revision consists of a video where you can see your teacher giving you feedback (video gives the teacher a chance to share more content with you, as well as sharing screen if needed or giving examples of how they’d approach some of the problems you may have found).

21 Style Reference Sheets - VALUE $ 445
This includes: 
1. Suggested libraries to use and patches you should load
2. Style definition
3. Step by step (how to get started composing in that style if you have composers block) 
4. Challenges you’ll be facing and how to solve them
5. Tricks and tips

Composer Community Facebook Group - VALUE $PRICELESS
Private Facebook Community of composers like you where our team of teachers (including me) are active and answering your questions and providing support.

Sample Library* - VALUE $449

Marc’s Personal Pro Template - VALUE $ PRICELESS 

Access to our entire Cinematic Composing Course Library - $4775
1. Orchestration 1: From Sketch to Orchestra
2. Library Music: Create Passive Income Streams
3. Symphonic Virtual Orchestration
4. Mixing for the Home Studio Composer
5. Composition for Film: a Study of Styles

It has given me a structure and the tools I need to build my dream of creating cinematic music!

I'm so grateful for Marc Jovani and his Music Theory and Composition Master online course. It has given me a structure and the tools I need to build my dream of creating cinematic music!

The live classes and replays, templates, Facebook group, online discussion forum, and music sharing and feedback are so helpful.

I whole-heartedly feel that Marc is a great instructor who listens and truly cares about us. He welcomes feedback and creates a positive learning environment. He shares inspiring pearls of wisdom as well.  

I have taken many courses over the decades and I highly recommend Marc Jovani's Music Theory and Composition Master course!”

Bridget Wolf 

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